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  1. I'm on version 7.01 and I am a paid user. Video is a minute long and in the highest quality export. Had to switch tasks for a few hours, will try posting the project files later tonight.
  2. Hi, I recently upgraded VideoPad so that I could export to .MP4 and .MOV instead of always having to do .WMV, which takes a long time and kills the video quality. However, after exporting to BOTH .MP4 and .MOV, BOTH videos have glitches. The video completely cuts out and goes to a blank green screen for a second and then returns. Or there is a flash of pixelation like an old TV with a bad signal. Then it will go back to normal for a few seconds, and then cut out again. When I am editing the video in VideoPad, this does not happen in the preview. It only happens in the exported file.
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