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  1. I'm on version 7.01 and I am a paid user. Video is a minute long and in the highest quality export. Had to switch tasks for a few hours, will try posting the project files later tonight.
  2. Hi, I recently upgraded VideoPad so that I could export to .MP4 and .MOV instead of always having to do .WMV, which takes a long time and kills the video quality. However, after exporting to BOTH .MP4 and .MOV, BOTH videos have glitches. The video completely cuts out and goes to a blank green screen for a second and then returns. Or there is a flash of pixelation like an old TV with a bad signal. Then it will go back to normal for a few seconds, and then cut out again. When I am editing the video in VideoPad, this does not happen in the preview. It only happens in the exported file. Exporting to .WMV does not do this. But it does cut the HD basically in half to look like I shot it on a webcam instead of a very good camera. Very pixelated, and it takes much longer to export. What's going on with the export to .MP4 and .MOV? That was the whole reason I upgraded; the fact that it is unusable is vexing to say the least. Put in a ticket with support but it's the weekend so who knows when or if I'll hear back, and I need to edit more videos this weekend!
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