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  1. Thanks, that was very clear but it didn't work! Still does not open Wav or Mp3 files. I wonder if the problem is that I paid for and installed Wavepad on my old PC, used it for a while in Demo mode on the new PC, then remembered I had paid for full access and put in my Registration Code. I was told I had to pay another $22 or so to upgrade. I did this, and was given a new Registration Code. When I've deleted and reinstalled several times, I have only used the new Reg Code. Should I use my original Code, then use the new one when prompted to do so? Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks and regards. Peter
  2. I have just paid to upgrade my Wavepad and have reinstalled it (four times!) on a new PC. I have pasted in the registration code correctly. It tells me I have successfuly registered. The system will not open any Mp3 File and opens at random about one in ten Wav Files. It simply says 'The file cannot be accessed by the system'. I have checked everything mentioned by the Support list and have reinstalled four times. I really enjoyed using Wavepad when it worked, on the same files it now won't open. Please?! Thanks. Peter
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