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  1. Has anyone installed an SSD & set the VideoPadCache folder to be on the SSD? Interested to know if that speeds up Video Pad in loading a new design. Always takes nearly 1+ hours on my Win10 Pro machine - fast processor & 16 Gb ram - so looking for more optimization in using an SSD Thx - Terry
  2. Hi - I have another login & several months ago tried logging in - get message - user denied - and I emailed NCH support atleast 5 times over the last several months - NO RESPONSE - so despite having a new account (here) I still want to know if my account/login was hacked? why denied? - don't know.

    Hoping you can help me out finally ;)


    1. Video-Guy


      So finally an astute NCH support person cleared my BANNED issue - As a 5+ year NCH owner of 3 of their products, I was BANNED for 6+ months - wow, is that a way to treat a long-time customer?

      My question is - WHY was I BANNED? And this is a function that must be enabled by an admin of a website service, not a web hiccup.

      Also, many emails to the attached CONTACT US button on the BANNED page, went no where. I never got a response. Was their site / my login hacked?

      An explanation to me is in order, please ?


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