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  1. I am just cutting simple vhs video (import with NCH Video importer), 2 hours, and i want to cut scenes......
  2. That's exactly what i got.... I have the latest paid version .. but the LAG is to big. My project have around 90 minutes... and when i come back to the biginning the lag starts. I am thinking of trying another product to see the difference.
  3. Hi, I am having a serious peformance issue on my new computer with videopad. My hardware : - AMD Ryzen 9 (24 Cores) - 64 Gig RAM - Solid State drive (Faster on the market) - GeForce GTX Video Card Each time i am working on a video (cutting in scenes) , when i a working my CPU reach 95 to 100% and everything is very slow (Videopad Not Responding)... The hardware should not be a problem... Any help ? Thanks
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