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  1. Thank you so much. I redid the video just to see if limiting the tracks would help. I combined what I could and kept it to 15 tracks and it worked great. I appreciate all the help. Lord bless! Joe
  2. Borate, I am currently using VideoPad Professional 8.77 My curent settings, which have not changed but have ceased to work are as follows. Custom .mp4 1920x 1080-1080 HD Letterbox Constant 29.97fps [TV NTSC] Overlay As I've stated, I am not an expert and found settings that worked and continued to use them. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qTSKmil_YlnNlh6rgMW5qmfFofChm3pc?usp=sharing Nat, It does play as it should in the preview. Wrong place means time positions. I have checked the graphics and am using transpare
  3. Hello. I need help. I am not an expert in creating videos. I have used Videopad to create basic, 5 minute announcement videos for church. I have used the same export settings for every video and they have worked well, but now I am having issues. I use video backgrounds and overlay graphics and add audio. The exported videos will not show the overlaid graphics or it shows them in the wrong places. I am ignorant but doing my best to learn and understand. How do I know what settings to use for my video? There is so much information to search through and I am not familiar with all the correct term
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