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  1. Am I being stupid? I've just upgraded to Pro version 10.32 and see that the Ken Burns effect is now included. However, when I click to add the effect to a still, it opens the normal Pan & Zoom dialogue box. I've played around with the effects in both and compared them and they are no different to each other. So what's happening? Is this a bug that needs fixing, or was there a last minute change of plan and the Ken Burns effect is not included after all. Or (more likely) what am I doing wrong? UPDATE: After a bit of research I realise my perception of the KB effect was incorrect. I thought it was when a mask was created on a still photo and the content within the mask could pan and zoom independently of the original photo. Clearly that's not the case, so I have to ask, why has NCH included Ken Burns and Pan & Zoom buttons next to each other, when they are the same thing? Thanks folks
  2. Thank you Borate. Are there any noticeable improvements that make it worthwhile upgrading?
  3. I have VP Professional V7.1.1 and I am considering updating it, but "Professional" is not listed. Instead there is the Home Edition and Master's Edition. Is Masters Edition a replacement for Professional, or something completely new? The build versions don't mention a change in name. Is there any difference? Many thanks, Pete
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