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  1. Thanks for the fast reply. I’m gonna PM you tomorrow when I get home from work. Once again, thank you.
  2. I am using Videopad v8.91 to put together some short movies from car shows. I have filmed with my iPhone and a GoPro. I always unlink the audio from the video and use music instead (MP3). This is for personal use only but sometimes I post a few seconds on my private Instagram. The sound is perfect when I watch the clip in the timeline but when I export the file (as a mp4) the audio becomes horrible. Sounds like a screaming alien taking a shower. Like running water and plastic bags being folded. How can I get away from this bug?
  3. Thank you, I’m making progress, slowly😃
  4. Thank you for the fast reply😀 Ok, so no fps or resolution adjustment until export then?
  5. Hi, I´m a total newbie to this and my question might seem silly. But before I put my clips in my timeline I´m guessing that I need to set the frame rate & resolution? How do I do this? I can´t find the "Option button" that I read about after 1 hour on Google. I´ve managed to set the aspect ratio.
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