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  1. version 8.81 video is hidden, it can only be seen by whoever has the link. https://youtu.be/Laru0r9egh4 Version 8.95 if it works correctly! ūüĎć
  2. Thank you for answering. As the title says, error is version: 8.81 Videos downloaded with: IDM, 4K Video Downloader, aTube Catcher, YouTubeByClick. I add the videos to the VP and when exporting them without loss the error appears. With version 8.51 there is no such error. The videos do not have any errors nor the movies. It is VideoPad 8.81 that has the error. I repeat version 8.51 does not have that problem.
  3. Any video downloaded from youtube sends the Invalid Frame Rate Error and that you select a valid frame rate, but the selection option is grayed out. I have tried with a movie and the error persists when using the save option: Video Without Loss Screenshot: https://ibb.co/Df9dqyY Windows 10 updated Version 8.51 didn't have that problem. Greetings
  4. Cualquier video descargado de youtube manda el Error de Velocidad de Fotograma Inválida y que seleccione una velocidad de fotograma válida, pero la opción de selección esta en gris desactivada. He probado con una película y el error persiste al utilizar la opción de guardar: Video Sin Perdida Captura de pantalla: https://ibb.co/Df9dqyY Saludos.
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