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  1. Hmmm.... I don't see that as an option. We have VideoPad Professional.
  2. We did follow that procedure and it looks correct in the preview, but the background image shrinks upon export no matter resolution we use. I will try to duplicate with another set of photos I don't care about sharing.
  3. Thanks, but are not comfortable with sharing the photos. Is there a guide to understanding how to make the photo with a green screen match a background image? Shouldn't the preview match the export?
  4. Thank you for responding. We are new to this, but it can get frustrating really easy. The background has dimensions of X628, aspect ratio of 300:157 The greenscreen photo has dimensions of 480x640 and aspect ratio of 3:4 We are just exporting as a video file which says Resolution " Auto Match Content (475X634) Thanks for the help
  5. When we preview our video it looks correct. When we export it, the background is smaller than the top photo. Any help?
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