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  1. Okay, brilliant. So if any updates come through, I can put choose not to install them. Brilliant. Thank you so much. I was losing my mind for a while there, so thanks very much.
  2. Okay, I just installed the first one you gave me and the video works perfectly now. Thank you. Quick question: If/when another update arrives, should this problem arise once more, do I just do this again?
  3. Ah, okay. Sorry, I misunderstood. Project has been backed up. Here's the link. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_2XthMABHnHWA2GG776YDKLyRBVFaVFG?usp=sharing If you can figure out why the sound won't work and won't stop processing, I'll be forever grateful to you.
  4. I did what you said. Reinstalled the program. Same problem, but worse. I now have another problem: the license is gone too. So now I'm working on unlicensed software and have to pay again to use it properly. I do not understand what this means. I have the VPJs in one folder and the exports in another. I do not have numbered folders.
  5. I was just about to export a video when an update came through for VideoPad. I saved my project, downloaded the update, reopened my project and now the majority of the waveforms have disappeared. Eight of them are still there, but for the rest, there's just black bars in their place. When I tried to play the video to see what had happened, I got a message telling me that the sound is still processing, so I won't hear anything. It's been "processing" the sound for about an hour and a half now and I still don't see any difference. I don't understand what went wrong. I really hope that I won't have to start from scratch, because this took quite a while to make. Picture for reference: https://imgur.com/a/i4ZTyOU Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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