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  1. I had a jpeg file that I transferred on another program, which worked beautifully. But I found out later that I was supposed to convert my files to .tiff's. Great! I found this software from NCH that did a nice job, but I had to pay for it first. anyway, I can't download this file so that I can run it through the other program. It just won't let me, know matter what I've tried. So I tried their Classic FTP software. It doesn't work!! No matter what I do to it, it will not transfer the file to the indicated server, even though it I finding the server. I tried a few differ routes, but of course now it wants to be bought. Does anyone know how I can copy the file to move it to the other program-- or just be able to move it to run it on the other program? Help would be greatly appreciated. Sandra Taggart Dominican University
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