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  1. It's worked but it now sticks in one other place, before the start of a minute long video. If I have time I will send it to you in a moment.
  2. I may have just worked it out. The video is made up of clips of people wishing happy birthday that were sent to me. I've just discovered the clips that followed the 2 points where it froze were Quicktime files. All the others were MP4s. I've converted the first Quicktime file into an MP4 and that part doesn't freeze now. Hoping the same will happen once I've done the second one. Hope that helps others who might have similar issues.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. How do I know if it is the latest version? I subscribed to it this morning so I assume it must be the latest version? I'm sorry, it is a personal video for my mum's 70th which I would prefer not to share on a public platform for obvious security reasons.
  4. I'm in need of urgent help. I've done a video for my mum's 70th birthday to use tonight and it is sticking too. I need it finished and working in the next two hours. I have also tried cutting the video only section from where it freezes into a separate file to then export as an mp4. My plan was then to try importing that insert into the main video. But that shortened file is now not exporting. Instead the download box starts then in a split second says it has downloaded. When you click on the file all I have is a one second click audio file. PS I have paid for the subscription versio
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