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  1. unable to upload images. maybe i am not authorised. kind regards.
  2. Thank elk for your reply . i have checked and do not find any option tab / button . i have checked setting but no recording tab either. i am using wavepad freeV11.14 on MI pad 4 Plus. can you plz advice way out. when you click three lines and i go to tools and then settings i get a record tab . but there is no option to choose device. i have option on record levels . best regards
  3. i enjoy the software and i use it to record my school class. however many times, due to many other factors, it also records non system voice like talking, laughing, coughing ( all done by me or my sister). and that talk is as usual at the most important discussion (murphy's law at work?) . is it possible that i record only system voice ( it is via webex ). i have a MI 4 Pad Plus and it has MIUI Version 10.3 and it is without root. kindly advice. i want to record only system voice ( from webex) and without any external voice. i looked at other possible options on this . but could not find. if any has any reply, let me know. best regards
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