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  1. Thanx all. NCH tech support helped me get the program back up and running good. yours, jim
  2. Please help! I've made many good VP videos but, tonight, something went wrong and VP interrupted my work to tell me an error had occurred, gave me a "setup.exe" link which I opened, that apparently installed "something" and now, VP will not open any of my video files. Also, just as I was working on a project, all the audio in it was present BUT none of the video clips were present! I've tried closing and then reopening the program but it still will not select any of the video files. Something happened while working on a project and now the VP program is no longer working correctly. I opened and installed the link "setup.exe" that VP sent me and then I opened a previously finished video project and can see and hear all of it but NO video clips are showing anywhere on the screen! Thank you for any help in this matter, Jim.
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