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  1. Oculas

    CPU vs GPU

    That's a reasonable balance between the CPU and GPU. What PC specs are you using? Do those percentages apply to the caching process too?
  2. Oculas


    Yes I've seen this website and many others. I will review again to understand more. Is there a direction you can point me in for at least the CPU and GPU? I'm not Gaming at all. I've read too many controversy articles mention too many diffrences between software for video editing. Is VP both GPU and CPU INTENSIVE? Am I looking for Single core performance? All the builds and parts are very similar but none explain allot about VP. Just premiere and davinci mostly.
  3. Oculas


    Hi again, Now that I have understood how the cache works, editing is Excellent. I have above 7 for the VP versions and will upgrade Every time since This VP works great. Just a few questions... I have a very old PC and it's due for an upgrade. I want to base the PC upgrade around Videopad needs. I have no budget, I just want to get the most compatible parts to fully use Videopad. My editing varies from the lowest end to whatever Videopad can handle in high end. So I'm looking for the best sweetspot Configuration for maximum speed on videopad. I just don't want t
  4. Oculas


    Very well,that sounds promising. In that case If done correctly, is the existing cache loaded without delay regardless of the size instantly? I will get this right. Please bear with me.
  5. Oculas


    Ok I will do a fresh install of VP And try again. I won't change any default settings. At this point it should work properly. Correct? Reason for this reply is I may have changed things in the VP settings and can't back track what I did . Thanks again!
  6. Oculas


    Thank you I will check at home tonight. Are you able to check my version recently purchased with my email? cfcfdaddio@gmail.com
  7. Oculas


    I just realized that once cached I can edit effortlessly. However, I didn't realize that when reopening the saved project The caching had to be done again. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
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