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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, but I may be switching to Premiere despite the much higher cost. I downloaded it and played with it for a couple hours this evening. It seems to handle the big files without a hiccup, no caching time. And there's an automated multi-camera sequence function that will automatically sync two or more clips according to the audio track waveforms. Then one can just play the sequence and press control 1, 2, 3, etc. to switch between the video tracks wherever one wants. No splitting, transparency effect, deleting bits of the tracks, or any of that. If I can climb the learni
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. It's a brand new system (less than a week), but it looks like there is a GPU driver update which I will try. DirectX is latest (12). I know about caching and the green line. Note that a long time to cache is really THE issue and most intense processor usage if I try to load the big files into VideoPad. I do clear the cache before starting. But caching two or more big files takes so long that it is really unmanageable. I can wait several minutes (or longer) for caching to happen, then try to edit. But then changes like adding an auto level effect to the video tr
  3. We've been using VideoPad for several months to create our on-line church services. About 6 weeks ago we purchased a new camera that records in 1080p MP4 at 60 fps. The largest piece of the service is the sermon, which is typically one 4GB file plus another 1-2GB file. I edit that, export it as 1080p MP4 at 30 fps, then pass it on to our final editor to include in the larger piece. We recently decided to try a second camera (the old one) for closeups, shooting MP4 at 30 fps. I edit using two video tracks and make the top one transparent at points to let the other track appear. I also add vario
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