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  1. When i am in vp at the end of project after saving, i start to render project to mov. and at first it was wonderful and then it just stop rendering. it would render to mov. and it would play until it came to the point where i added text or a pic it freezes up until what ever has been added to project ends and then it plays again. So with the church`s tech we repurchased the latest version of vp on a new pc and it still does the same thing. Can you help before my Pastor fires me for his videos looking boring compared to the videos were we doing at the start our church. Started using 6 or
  2. curt woodward


    i work for a church, i am director of media and i film all the Pastors videos for social networking i`v been using video pad for about 2 to 3 years and all was well until two weeks ago and i`m not able to render the video with text on screen, it freezes the screen until the text has ended then it goes back to regular. don`t know why this is happening all of a sudden, had to buy it again to install in an other pc and it did the same thing please help. curt messiah baptist church of los angeles thank you very much
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