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  1. i have no proble with acquiring the pro version but i had the same problem. all of us here seem to have the same issue. a free non pro version is free. a limited trial version will expire. its not us that is using confusing terminology and if you cant understand basic software license term terminology it is you who are confused and confusing. Free for personal use is free. look it up on wikipedia if you cant handle and oldschool hardback dictionary limitted time trial version is a version that will expire. that is not free. its try with a countdown. the problem is not the price. the problem is that when a company lies and then uses people like you who "get confused" to perpetuate the lie we tend to loose trust. when trust is lost then how can you garantee that were i to buy in, and then later experience a problem. I wont receive some "confused" and misleading answer from support? at this point we are "prospective clients" and you cant bring yourself down to a simple appology!!??? you have lost us.
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