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  1. Could me less? Thats a bit vague. Mine stopped working after 6 days. I have spent the entire day today trying to find the BASIC FREE version and all im seeing is PRO. I dont need PRO
  2. No Support is going to have to override it for you. Youll need to send in a support ticket
  3. Im using the trial version. I went to this page https://secure.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/register.exe?software=scribe Clicked on EXPRESS SCRIBE BASIC and it brought me to this page https://www.nch.com.au/scribe/index.html Where i thought the DOWNLOAD NOW button would give me the Basic Free Version as i am only testing it out. I have read through the site and it says that the Basic Free Version A) is valid for 14 days until you need to register it B ) If you do not register it, you can still use it for personal use C) It will still be able to load .MP3 files But here is the problem A) Today on day 6, it tried to load a file and i got I popup saying "We hope you enjoyed your free trial Express Scribe Pro and....." B ) It will not load anymore files .mp3 or otherwise C) Its a PRO version. I wanted the BASIC version D) If i try to DOWNLOAD grade it using the advised method of "Add Remove Programs > Uninstall Express Scribe > Chose DOWNGRADE" There is NO DOWNGRADE selection available. E) I have downloaded ExpressScribeTranscriptionSoftware.exe as well as essetup.exe from the NCH website and NEITHER of them are the BASIC free version. F) Most importantly THIS IS ONLY 6 DAYS OLD. Why am i seeing a TRIAL PERIOD HAS ENDED message?
  4. understood. Ill have to go with something else Thanks
  5. I have a .dat file i used on another shortcut program. It wasnt working out but i do still have the .dat file it was reading along with a TEXT file of all of the shortcuts. All of these shortcuts are simple text and ExpressScribe understands them. The line items are written as such "AADPA=American Academy of Dental Practice Administration" Which means that if i type. the letters A A D P A it will auto populate "American Academy of Dental Practice Administration" I had to add spaces between the letters for the sake of this message because it kept kicking out the expansion. What id like to do is IMPORT the text file into FastFox but the text file is several lines long. It has about 24,000 shourtcuts typed into it. I cant possibly copy and paste each one of them so im working if FastFox will import a new shortcut for comma seperated items or if theres another way to have fastfox recognize them.
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