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  1. Hi Borate, i'm trying to export a video that was fine when putting it together & on the preview; but every time I export, the mp4 file is shaking/shuddering :( Please help me fix this asap

  2. Hey borate, I'm having an issue & it's been happening since the month of Feb 2021, prior to that, everything was fine It's so annoying having to unlink then drag/adjust the sound to match the video on all video clips When can we expect an update from VideoPad to resolve this issue?
  3. I'm not sure, is it because I have an old laptop? (2012 Toshiba). When I make videos with just 2-3 sequences & no transitions/animations, there's no issues
  4. Yes! Thank you so much Borate! 😃 Is there anything I did wrong when trying to save the file?
  5. Thank you so much for your quick response! *Version 8.77 *Export settings are: -Present: Custom -File format (mp4/flv/avi) tried all 3 -Resolution: Auto Match content (1600 x 900) Wide-screen Fit: letterbox -FrameRate: Variable (smart max 45 fps) -Subtitle: Overlay Estimated File size: 747.71 MB *At around 40 seconds all until the end, that's when the issue occurs (the words, transitions, & images do not appear &/or they're out of frame) The mp3/sound is good, it's just the animations, words & images ***here's a video comparison that's shows some of the issues https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b2B-nnQSrRxHfxzTDjYCCnJx99AFxfvL/view?usp=drivesdk (sorry for the background noise, it's my brother) Here's the Folder https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1zz1sSceG0r0xtBFRBI2EU3imG8znQ8K7 Thank you so much in advance!
  6. I've tried everything mentioned in the previous threads to try to get this to work yet I'm having the same issue in 2020 Ive matched all content, used low res., high res, uninstalled/reinstalled, etc. (the other tips mentioned in prior years) However I am not able to use an older model, it was not a category when re-installing it. I do not want to have to remove some of the effects & transitions in my project. Please help! Thank you in advance
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