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  1. Hi Thanks guys for your usual prompt replies. Now at least I can see what I cannot do. As is usual with VP there are numerous workarounds and in this case it's very much a one-off, so following Nats guidance I'll make a copy of the relevant piece of audio to Track 2 and lock it there, while I chop up the video track. Thank you both for your input, as usual it's much appreciated. Alan.
  2. ... and leave its associated video track editable? "lock this track" locks both audio and video irrespective of whether video and audio are linked or not. I want to chop up the video component and leave the audio in-tack. If negative - I could always "move the unlinked audio to Track 2, and then lock Track 2, before editing Track 1 (video) Lock track seems to suggest lock both elements of Track X?? Alan. VideoPad Professional v10.43
  3. Nat - that's brilliant sound advice that makes very good sense. Nice to read my assumptions on what clears what and when are on target, I seem to be learning well with your guidance, and that's very much appreciated. Thank you Alan.
  4. Thanks Nat - my cache is also accessible - I think I buy into your idea about clearing at the end of a project, heaven knows how I managed to accumulate 48 GB !!! One curiosity remains - I get to the end of a project - save for the final time - at what point do I Options/Disc/Clear Unused cache Files ? Menu/File/New project ?? so that VP will assume all of cache is unused? Thanks Alan
  5. Don't know - it is what it is, so I thought lets get a handle on this and manually deleted the whole VideoPadCache folder structure all 47 MB of it. D/click vpj file of present project and after re-caching from scratch, I now got VideoPadCache down to 973 MB. This looks better and I can confidently say this is all down to the present project. So what was VP doing when it was supposedly "clearing unused cache files"? I cleared everything, and recreated cache representing only the current project, thus I had clear all unwanteds! Don't quite understand, however will now watch (as and when I remember) and watch to see if it ever begins to grow again. Will certainly report back should this "clearing unusued cache files" ever re-appears. Could unexpected "clearing unused" have been erroneously trigger by huge pile up of rubbish files? Thanks for your ongoing help Alan.
  6. Interesting - I am using VP 10.43 64 bit I just loaded VP to see version etc, then exited ( previously noted cache was 48.3 GB) and it sat there "clearing unused cache" for 52 seconds. Cache was then 47.7 GB so it clearly spent a very long time achieving very little. Cancel button works a treat when this happens. Alan
  7. Just as an update, I am still occasionally getting the "Clearing cache" message, and sometimes it will rumble on for over a minutes if left to proceed. BUT - I am not aware whether anything is actually deleted because I have not checked before and after the "clearing" Startup (resuming an existing project) seems acceptably rapid. and I can always cancel the exercise should I want to get on, and it seems to have little bad effect. and I can always delete the folder structure for the wipe out without any perceived ill effect. yet sometimes, exit is rapid, so I'm really not quite sure why this is occasionally an irritation, yet as you see above there are many ways to live with this.
  8. Thanks - the file I received when clicking your link above was videopadsetup64.exe which I assume was the 64 bit version. It is now installed and shows as 10.43 so will watch and see. So in conclusion cache files should only disappear when the clear button is clicked - and when no project is loaded, the whole lot are cleared - and if a project is loaded only those files not part of the project are cleared??? Thanks for your help - I will be back should auto cache clear is displayed along with a long delay before shutting down. Alan.
  9. Updated to 10.43, and immediate test show no attempt to clear cache. Just about to start a new project, and I see cache has 834MB saved so I will do a manual clear before I start anew. Interesting question - What exactly happens when you click "Clear Unused Cache Files" 1) when you load VP bare (ie no project) with the intention of starting a new project - it clears all cache files? 2) when you load VP as result of double click an existing project file - it clears all cache files it determines are not part of the existing project? 3) when you have saved your project and then click "Clear Unused....." does the same as 2) above? I understand all about NOT clearing on exit, because it saves time when you next load project which is why I was concerned about the message and the annoying delay shutting down VP. But how does my above assumptions fare re the use of the "Clear unused ..." and what it does. Thanks for your help
  10. So is it possible to set DO NOT CLEAR? I am being inconvenienced again by this mandatory action and its taking me several minutes to exit VP as a result.
  11. Good morning D/L 10.36 - installed - snapshot still fails Cleared the two folders Installed 10.35 tried snapshot - still faulty Will repeat the exercise just to make sure I followed your instructions to the letter -0-0- Ok - done it all again - nothing solves the snapshot issue - thought your idea of corrupted component file(s) was a good one - but alas following your instructions produced no change. I'm stuck for ideas at the moment, but all the time 99.99% of VP works brilliantly I will use Snapshot 4K as I said earlier.
  12. Have hunted again and NVIDIA say "Temporarily unavailable" for my graphics card, but then I noticed how I was misreading (a senior moment) their statement, so I have installed the latest driver for my graphics card. All worked well but no change on the snapshot bug front. In their defence my graphics card has worked perfect since long before I got Videopad and I have used snapshot in VP many time last year. My CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz My GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 My RAM 32GB (16GB useable due to Windows 7 limitations) All that data applicable since before Videopad first installed. My workaround of choice for the time being will be to snapshot in 4K, unnecessarily large, but at least it works. I do not think it will affect final mp4 render. This is such a weird bug that defies all logic - thanks Alan.
  13. I see the "local pc issue" but would add that my PC has not changed since I purchased my very first Videopad last year. I also can't quite get my head round this one very precise instance (1920x1080) in one specific operation (snapshot operation in Videopad) - is all that fails. Even just one pixel away and all's well. Tomorrow I will hunt again for the video driver, and will also collect the specs you desire. This is almost as daft as your car left indicator fails when you drive precisely at 50kph and at no other speed!!! Alan. Thank you.
  14. Errrm - I'm confused - its very late here in the UK - so which source file do you want? You got the video ok? (of me showing the bug) The source file of my original project is huge and nothing special as I can replicate this bug with a one clip project, which is also nothing special but it does demonstrate the issue to me. Is that the source (.vpj) file you want? Alan.
  15. I was trying to capture the snapshot from the sequence and it fails only if the snapshot resolution is exactly 1920x1080 (either by the HD choice or the custom setting) Trying snapshot from the clip works as expected. In my limited use of the snapshot I have always taken snapshots from the sequence window and they have up to recent always worked as expected. When I try using ANY other resolution (even just 1 pixel different like 1919x1079) it works perfect. I am running DirectX 11.0 - but cannot see if there's any updates as MS no longer support Windows 7 Trying to check my video drivers with NVIDIA and the driver for my graphics card is "temporarily unavailable", but again this looks a peculiar bug to be so dependant on a possibly out of date driver. You will by now have received the link to the short video I have sent you on Google Drive Look forward to your thoughts. Alan.
  16. A very weird situation has arisen VideoPad will not take a snapshot at HD 1920x1080 the image saved is just plain green, or occasionally a green image (also experienced other dominant colours). Was using v10.16 64 bit Masters - Now upgraded to 10.35 (at cost) Masters ( knew you guys would suggest that so I now on latest release 😊 ) Same problem Been using VP since last September All other snapshot formats 4K et al no probs Tried Custom and set for 1909x1080 - all good. Just 1920x1080 either by preset or Custom - fails. Tried with video files from Canon and Sony - no difference. PC running Windows 7 - no bugs virusses etc - everything else I can think of continues to work videos games YouTube etc. Just VP (any version) and just snapshots at 1920x1080 are the issue Any suggestions????? Going slightly mad here !! -0-0- My partner just suggested I use custom 1919x1079 nobody would notice - and she's right it works a treat - and I can't even tell the difference! But the problem as detailed above is still bugging me.
  17. OMG at last - thank you Borate - yet again. Now have a spanking new About box that boasts 10.16 just like yours and for the first time my Resource Monitor also reports 64 bit Invaluable as ever thank you Alan.
  18. Is there a way to determine which version is installed - rather than which version is in my download folder. And by that I mean whether its the 64 bit version or not. I have the videopadsetup64.exe file - and assume this was the one I had installed My help screen shows VideoPad Professional v 10.12 bit no bit data CHECKED: looks as though I installed a 32bit version of v10.12 - is that possible? I just used Windows 7 Resource Monitor and it reports videopad is running on platform 32 bit Could I have a 32bit version of v10.12? I assume that videopadsetup64.exe will definitely be the 64 bit version? And that maybe I should re-instal this .exe/
  19. Thank you for your input - but no I stopped using XP some years ago and am now running Windows 7. I feel I can sense a slight performance increase with 10.12 but certainly not as much as I expected after the time. Have kept all the old exe files so believe I should be able to roll back should any major issues come to light. A problem I had last year with another editor I used to use was that numerous upgrades over the years resulted in a program that became so bloated it lost performance for anything but top end Windows10 systems. I hope this is not where VP is heading, for whilst I understand the need to produce software that takes advantage of the latest technology, manufacturers have to understand where the bulk of the user base exists, and its not all at the peak of performance. Hope that makes sense.
  20. That's cheating but it works!!! Thank you for that neat trick Alan.
  21. Here is a little video to illustrate the issue further https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YP2TQsLVzGoW7j1R7SHKfIWP4Kn_hj9S/view?usp=sharing as you can see with nothing selected here is a demo of what happens as I hover around. its making dragging the bottom right curve handle impossible - it would be so nice to be able to press Ctrl and have the window disappear.
  22. here is the screenshot that I hope illustrates the issue https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EoWaJ8nkFuXK1KSR8WJ16WG6y-gC-x3Z/view?usp=sharing
  23. No - its when editing the handles and things in the effects editor, on the right hand side where you can edit on the graph lines When you hover over a handle or a keyframe, up pops a little white window giving position and values of that point. Sometime however the window opens and obscures the very point you want to drag.
  24. When tweaking the handles on animation lines, sometime the the handle is obscured by the pop up tip. Is there any way of temporarily blanking it so you can see the handle you want to adjust?
  25. Have just installed VP 10.12 and despite examining the upgrade history I can see little change of any real use. The majority of tweaks seem to be in effects and templates and Videomaker, very low use features for me. Are there any real performance improvements? Are there any really useful additions in the bells and whistles department? Not criticising VP - its a great little program and I love it, but with the old adage "if it ain't broke ....." I am left wondering if this upgrade is worth applying. Guidance & comments would be appreciated.
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