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  1. Yes of course - its getting used to these curious little methods that you guys have been so helpful with - Thank you both.
  2. It is as you expect ie the value as set in Options/media that was prevalent when the images were loaded. I think my question arose because my last editor applied the default value when the image was dragged from bin to timeline, the image in bin had no duration. Thus you could change your mind part way through a project to set a new default while processing say the next 20 images, then change it again so some other value. I just had not twigged that VP was setting the default duration when the images were loaded. Interesting - it is literally when the image is loaded. I just c
  3. That only resets the duration to the selected one. So I guess that provides a way to override the preset value. Thanks
  4. Set the above in Options/media to 2.0s but images dragged to timeline still come in at 3s. Saved value of 2s seems permanent. Even saved project and reloaded, setting shows as 2s but images still come in at 3.0s. Running v8.95 Any ideas?
  5. I have focus follows mouse pointer set and I think the default is focus not to follow mouse pointer. Its setting is buried deep in the Control Panel and is one of many "ease of access tweaks". Thus when the drop down is closed just after I click it, my pointer finds itself over the main VP editing window and the Effects window disappears. When the Effects window is open - I only have to wander outside for it to close 0.5s later. This may seem irritating at times - but I find focus following the pointer so natural, I've even forgotten the reason why I originally set it.
  6. Hi Nat Yes I basically agree but I know now where the perceived problem is. When I was talking of selecting the current/selected/all and saying the whole window closed when I clicked my choice, it does unless you quickly move the pointer back into the main window, or use my hover over technique. This is clearly related to the time before another window automatically assumes focus, which in my case looks around 0.5 second, meaning that provided I move out of the way of the drop down list (which automatically closes when you have clicked the choice) within 0.5s the main window then as
  7. Well almost - when I click select the chosen scope of the change ie Selected or All, the effects window applies whatever is selected above, ie fade or whatever, and closes. If I select the type of transition, the effects window closes. BUT if I hover over the scope down arrow and roll my mouse wheel I get to choose the option I want (current/selected/all) - then click select the effect I want, then the window closes and the transitions are set as desired. I can set the duration also by rolling mouse wheel or I can set the cursor there and type the value. Rule seems to be - sel
  8. Well how about that - I ever knew text was regarded as an object that had effects - just what I wanted. Thank you for your prompt answer. A quick question - is there a way to make a whole group of images have the same transition of the same size? I know you can select a set of images and set them all to the same duration, but not sure how to do this for transitions. Thanks In anticipation.
  9. Just placed a piece of text, sort of positioned manually. When you hover over the central dot a little tool tip opens base point X: 3.1% and Y: 30.6% Other than dragging that centre spot around which is a bit approximate - is there any way I can type in a more precise position? The same would apply to Rotation and Scale of the item. Thanks in anticipation .....
  10. Thank you - I sort of knew you would have a simple and correct solution - I would probably still be playing ineffectively 😨 I assume the icon next door with the plus sign would be used to add the present effects to the selected items? Thanks again Alan.
  11. Having created saved effects templates under a unique name (very useful feature) I have found a way of applying them in bulk to a number of clips or in this case jpegs on the timeline. Very useful. In the course of development I wanted to remove all the effects from all the jpgs they were applied to, so I could delete the saved collection and remake it, but have only found it possible to clear each jpeg one by one. Is there a way of clearing a collection of jpgs of all their effects?
  12. Oh what a shame Borate - little gets by you usually, but no matter. Just playing, I went through one part resolving each issue (finding where the image actually was and opening it using the VP Resolve process) until all were working as expected. VP now knew where each image was as I had corrected the incorrect path names. Good. Thought - now I have corrected all the path names I should be able to exit - be prompted to save as changes had been made - but NO, VP did not note all the path name corrections had been changes, and promptly exited saving nothing. Disappointed. To sol
  13. Somehow I managed to achieve the impossible I have not achieved. Puzzled? Read on. I have a large project broken into smaller pieces to make it manageable. Each small piece will be a collection of images and related clips. Open a project, work on it, close the project. This morning I open part1.vpj and it complains it can't find any images where it expected them to be. It thinks they are in the folder that contains the clips. But they are in a folder that contains only images, I know that, they are still there. So how (why) does VP think they have moved when they haven
  14. Thank you both - nice to see VP is so feature rich there are easy alternative ways to achieve. Where there's a will there's a way. Thank you both, brilliant
  15. Ah right, thats ok. Works as expected when you choose Mobilize as your animation. Seems like there are some other instances it does not quite work as expected, but as I said earlier this is not a significant issue mainly a passing point. Its not going to inconvenience me seriously as I was just playing with some cool credit sequences, but noting serious. There are more useful issues for the developers to be working on rather than this. Thanks however for your usual and prompt assistance, most appreciated. Alan.
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