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  1. I understand exactly your problem. My home projects are usually based around days out, and we usually generate 50 to 100 videos clips and as many photos per day. 1st I ensure all files (video clips and jpegs) are named according to their time of shooting/taking, usually HH.MM.SS. Advanced renamer makes this dead easy taking less than a couple of seconds for a folders worth. I too had the same issue as you, coupled with the fact that the final resultant video would usually be around half to three quarters of an hour long for the day out. Large timeline, large render time and so I d
  2. Thanks for your input borate A little more info gleaned in the meantime... Have been playing some more, and although I got things moving again (not sure what specifically I had done) I can fairly confidently state the problem in all this is x264enc7.exe as the jerky playback mentioned above is due almost entirely to the active presence of this item. I cannot see why it is running when it is. It often runs ad-infinitum and well beyond any visible signs of doing something useful, and in fact, just killing the process has no visibly adverse consequences, and does restore smooth scroll
  3. Up until yesterday life seemed good. Then I had need to colour match a jpg to a mp4 which had to be done outside VP. In substituting the matched jpg for the original, VP got seriously confused (partly me probably) and by the time I had sorted it out x264enc7.exe had decided it was process of the month and refused to do anything other than permanently used 90% of my processor. Shutting down VP was the only cure. I moved on, but found that process cropped up again with other previously worked on projects. Completely deleted contents of VideoPadCache assuming some rogue data may have
  4. I think my Videopad is clearing cache files on exit, partly because the disc gets very busy when I exit VP and exit takes many many seconds, partly I can Properties the cache folder and its less full than it was, and partly because reloading VP and the current project takes many minutes of activity before editing can be resumed. Found the Clear cache manually button, but cannot find any boxes to stop cache clearing on exit. Thoughts???
  5. Add fade effect at end of the still (or video) for say 1 second. Now drag the scrubber slowly over the fade from left to right while watching just the preview window, and stop at the point where the image becomes completely black, and you will find you have only traversed about half the way through the "fade" suggesting the fade is very non linear. Try "dissolve" and you will see that's nice and linear from end to end. Any way to correct this?
  6. Thank you all - this is really helpful - and fairly speedy (and therefore useful) - some forums they might as well be conducted by post! So a big well done to the NCH forum. Thank you.
  7. Thanks - bit buried that was! Didn't go that deep, but works just fine. Is there any way to make a shortcut-key to make it more accessible? No worries if not, I'm sure I will remember. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.
  8. Sorry if I'm missing something - but while I can create and name bookmarks - I just cannot navigate to a bookmark. Sound simple - sounds just what I need - and the instruction looks so easy, but just how does it work? I'm sure this is dead easy, but at the moment its not obvious. Thanks
  9. Thank you - I will read further and explore later today. From what you say it seems I could download free trial of Home version to finally confirm all I want is there. I think its clear that whatever free version you trial, once the trial is over, what you are left with is a downgraded version of what you trialled, downgraded in some indeterminate way, that probably makes it unusable for what you want. Thanks again for your help.
  10. I understand the Home version does not support more than 2 audio tracks, and that Home does not permit the use of plugins. Is there any difference between Home and Master as far as input file types and output file types? Are there any known differences between Home and Master with regard to features, functions, video effects and everything else. I appreciate this might seem very detailed questioning, but using the free trial is how I got to know VideoPad Masters version, and be quite impressed with it, but now I'm faced with the difficulty of deciding, if the ongoing Free versio
  11. Playing with Videopad Free version I am now getting a warning that in a few days some of the Professional features may be disabled. I emailed NCH and their vague reply was "you might find you cannot export to some formats as well" when asked what features might be lost other than the support for plugins and more than 2 audio tracks. I have replied to NCH but would appreciate your thoughts as well so have included it below ----------------------------------------------------- Thanks for your prompt reply, but I am puzzled by your use of the words "might" and "some" this s
  12. A couple of points Effects getting tired??? I try and make videos that engage the viewer by their content, not by fancy distracting eye-catching effects. They are a reflection of my skills (I hope) in what I capture and edit, not a show for how clever I am using modern feature rich editors. Try studying a good professional documentary - you will generally see only 2 effects, cross fade and instant cut into a new clip or out of an old one. That immediately makes virtually all VP effects redundant - so making no point in producing loads more. When there are bugs - I want th
  13. With two Einsteins on the job - success was almost guaranteed!!! Well done and thanks to both of you, I now know how and what Pan & Zoom is all about. Still learning every day as I get to know this editor. Then Nats closing statement was the icing on the cake - that's exactly what I was after - a nice slow almost imperceptible zoom in for simply the whole of the still, and best of all - able to save it for repeated use. Brilliant. Exactly what I was after. Thank you both very much 👍
  14. I'm a newby exploring this editor I have found out how to create (on a still) the slow zoom-in effect but its all a bit fiddly. Does anyone know if there is a better quicker neater way of achieving this effect? Like a preset? Or custom features?
  15. Oh well - guess that's it for the time being - no worries for me (hence the low priority) - if I need reverse I will do it as I proposed in my original post. At least we know what's going on - and support have it on their low priority list Thanks all.
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