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  1. Thanks Borate and Steve. Is a 64 bit version of VP coming out soon?
  2. Thanks borate. I am a volunteer firefighter. - We have dash cams with audio on two of our apparatus ( a 4,000 gallon tank truck and a pumper engine). - We have a fire company photographer-videographer who is on the scene of most working fires and emergencies. - In this age of smart phones we get many donations to our fire company of video and photographs of our larger, active emergencies from an array of view points and vantage points. - At large incidents such as fires, we utilize at least three radio channels - for responding, fire scene operations, and water supply operations
  3. How many Video and Audio Tracks are supported in the Pro version of Video Pad? I have used the full version of Premiere and need the ability to have at least 5 video tracks and 8 audio tracks. Will Video Pad Pro version run well using 8 Gigs of RAM on an older i7 2700K CPU? Thanks. Tim///
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