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  1. Can FLING create an automatic copy/synchronization of 1 website directory to another website directory or something of similar? I try to explane what's i need Example I have: www.example1.org/original-folder C:\copy-of-original-folder www.example2.org/copy-of-original-folder In reality, the word "synchronization" that I used is also wrong, what I would like is to get a copy of a web folder in another web folder, but I don't care if it works in reverse, I just need one direction. Basically it is a copy and paste, my problem is that 1) The files and subfolders are many and very large (110gb) 2) I would like that when I add (with wordpress) files or folders in www.example1.org/original-folder, these new files and folders are also copied to www.example2.org/copy-of-original-folder Is it possible to create a procedure that does this automatically? ^__^ reggio
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