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  1. I am on a Mac, and VP freezes when I try to go to Preferences -> Disk -> Clear Unused Cache Files. How do I find the cache files via the operating system and remove them that way (unless there is Another way to make VP clear them... it freezes even when turned on without a project and trying to clear cache). Thanks.
  2. Thanks! On a Mac (which is where I am trying to export to the PC FROM), I image I will find a similarly-titled file "EffectTemplate" that I can move over.
  3. I have developed several custom video effects (i.e., saved sequences of existing video effects with particular parameters set) on one computer with VideoPad. How can I install them on another computer with VideoPad? Are they stored in some file that I just need to find, transfer, and connect to the VideoPad in the new computer?
  4. Though putting the resolution of the iMac Pro on its lowest setting still has some jerkiness, there remains an unusable level of jerkiness on feedback to real time actions such as cropping... as you move the mouse to define the crop boundaries, they sit still for a while, then respond to your mouse actions all at once, overshooting what you want. Likewise, other actions such as minimizing a track height, starting or stopping play, and the like all have a delay to them.
  5. What a great suggestion... to scale down the iMac Pro monitor resolution. It helps tremendously. A little experiment... turns out the jerkiness of the image is matched by a jerkiness in the cursor timer, which displays only about 2 sub-second values within each second demarcation of the counter (on the PC, the sub-seconds advance smoothly, as the frames play smoothly). Here is what I found: PC: 1920 x 1024 smooth - continuous subsecond advancement on counter and smooth motion in image MAC: Default - 2560 x 1440 - jerky, 2 subsecond advancements per sec on counter and tw
  6. Here is a link to a MS OneDrive with a folder 2020-10-12 17-38-2..Diagnostic: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgsUsCgrY2hLjJVtRP97aeiQfplG0Q There is one video file and one audio file. If you run the video file as a clip on a MAC (iMac Pro, specifically), it is not too bad in jerkiness. If you put it on the timeline and run it as a sequence on a MAC, it is jerky, at less than 2 frames per sec. If you then put the audio file on the audio timeline, mute the audio from the video clip, and try to synchronize the audio file with the video (the audio file starts about 5:32 min:sec into
  7. I downloaded the latest version, which indeed is 8.90. By the way, how do you learn the version number without actually loading it and looking at "About?" I tried turning off hardware acceleration... no difference - still less than 2 frames/sec. Other diagnostics suggest that the preview processing does not use the GPU (where this machine is so much more powerful) that much... the graphic processing does get heavily used in the Export step. So maybe turning it off would not affect Preview that much anyway. The iMac won't accept any driver updates... it reports that all its software
  8. Thanks! I have VP 8.79, which was the version linked to me about 3 weeks ago by NCH as part of their debugging, so I think it is the most recent. The download file at the link you posted does not have a version number in its title... do you know what version it is? The iMac Pro arrived three weeks ago new from Apple, so likely has most recent video drivers. When I try to do a software update, it tells me its software (including video drivers, I presume) is up to date. I don't have another Mac to try it on... I am just sticking my toe into the Mac world. The hope is that NCH has a
  9. I have submitted this problem to NCH Software over 40 days ago, and they have elevated it to their developers, but (despite my paid-for support), they have not yet been even been able to determine whether or not they can reproduce the problem. ([TK-wt7i400001-A12] Pty4 VideoPad TechnicalSupportRequest Mac) Hence, I come again to this forum in hopes that some Einstein, Borate, or other kind soul can tell me what to do, and whether this problem occurs on all Macs, or just on mine. In short, previewing a video clip on my iMac Pro, in either the sequence or the clip previewer, only occur
  10. I have had a rather plain vanilla all-in-one PC (3-year-old HP Inspiron with 4 processors & Intel graphics processor - Geekbench 5 CPU single score of 1021, CPU multi score of 3746, Compute score of 5758, 12 GB RAM) and have just gotten a much more powerful iMAC Pro (10 intel W processors w/ Radeon Vega Pro 64X graphic processor and SSD, 32 GB RAM, Geekbench 5 CPU single score of 1126, CPU multiscore of 9488, Compute score of 62856). I have VideoPad version 8.45 for the PC and version 8.66 for the iMac Pro. For the SAME stored VP project, the sequence preview on the PC (after app
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