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  1. Thanks Borate... problem solved: somehow the AR box next to the SPLIT and 360 buttons was on "match content" and not 16:9 like I'm sure I had it on when I started. Thanks so much for sticking with my issue!
  2. I really don't understand what you want me to do. I changed the AR for Carleton to letterbox, and then 16:9. Then went to split screen and it sill goes vertical like in the "Post Vertical Flip" screen shot. I also undid the change causing the flip and selected the motion FX for the Carleton clip like Ida's thinking that might help and it also caused the clip preview and sequence to flip (or is it rotate) to vertical. What is happening? Also, my other question has to do with taking Nat's advice. "A master audio file of all tracks can be created by right-clicking the Sequences ta
  3. Great. Here is a link to a folder containing a pre and post vertical flip. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/405baoqb52dmccq/AADs8Qa5CHYWQrs09cywYgiEa?dl=0 Also, I'm on the sequence tab, but I am not seeing anything when I right click. Do I click in the video files bin?
  4. Again, thanks Borate and Nat. I did upgrade to version 8.77, went back to the project as sent and the same thing happened. (I took screen shots, but can't upload here. I can message them if you are interested.) I didn't want to have to use Nate's method if I could avoid it so I had the option of making whole-project changes or tweaking the sizes of individuals in their "boxes" later, without having to re-do all of the video segments. However, I will do what I must. Thanks for your help. -cwj
  5. You're welcome and thanks for looking into this for me. I have version 8.56, which I only purchased on 7/15/20. Is there an update available? Also, I added the Carleton track as a new track again, placing it on top, which worked fine until I tried to split another track. (I thought I had gotten them all but found two tracks "Hu" and "Jo and Terrence" that I missed. Did you get the same switch to vertical? I wonder is this has to do with the version. ...argg. I just split that section of the project to create a left and right side, to isolate the 5x5 splits as the right side.
  6. To Both of You Einsteins: First, thanks for your replies! I have reviewed the helpful nch.invsionzone material you suggested. (Most before I posted my question.) I also very routinely save as. I have a terabyte SSD and I believe in "save early, save as often".... so I'm good there. I will try the letterbox suggestion and then share my project if that doesn't work. Thanks again!
  7. Help. I have successfully used the split screen function while creating a multi-faced choir. I am now creating a 5x5 with 25 separate clips on separate tracks. I am on the 25th clip and VP automatically (and undesirably) changes the aspect ratio of my sequence and all other clips in the 5x5 grid from 16:9 to something vertical - presumably 9:16. How do I keep this from happening? This is very frustrating at the end of my project! Thanks.
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