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  1. In DeskFX, select the Effects tab and then click the Amplify button to add the Amplify effect. Go to the Home tab and click the Power button to start applying the effect (the button should show green). Play audio from Express Scribe and then adjust the DeskFX Amplify effect "Gain Percentage (%)" slider to the volume that suits.
  2. To select the looping audio for Masking Background Loop, click the Browse button, navigate to your audio folder, select the clip you wish to use and click Open.
  3. d_major

    Getting Started

    DeskFX adds effects to your audio just before the audio is sent to your output device(s). Click the Options button on the Home toolbar to select the output device(s) you wish to use. Playing your audio will send it through DeskFX. To add an effect, click the effects button you wish to use on the Effects or Masking toolbar. The effect will be shown in a list on the main window of DeskFX. This list is referred to as the effects chain. The Equalizer is always included in the effects chain. You can adjust an effect in the effects chain by adjusting the parameters or by selecting
  4. When reporting issues, besides sending a description, it is helpful if you mention the operating system, the playback device(s) you are using and include a copy of the .dfx file being used.
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