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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. I am using Windows. It just stopped expanding anything, although it still gives suggestions for autocomplete but won't expand them if I hit Ctrl Ctrl, and beeps when I should use an expansion, but does not expand the shortcut. I have put in a ticket to support and they have actually asked me a few questions today so I'm hopeful this might be resolved at some point. Thanks!
  2. Oh that's great that you were able to send the debug file. I am really hoping they are able to figure it out and fix it. I've tried other text expanders and this is definitely my favorite for ease of use when it is working properly. Hopefully someone will figure out the glitch soon. I haven't heard back from support either
  3. Hello all, I am experiencing an issue that I have seen posted before on this forum. For some reason, my text expander just stopped working. It still shows me the autocomplete expansions and lets me know with a beep that I have missed using a shortcut, but when I type in the shortcut, it does not expand. It was working perfectly before this. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled and tried the demo version as well as the licensed version that I purchased, but nothing works. Anyone have any feedback or advice? Thanks!
  4. This has just happened to me as well. I love Fastfox and am so disappointed that I am unable to get it to work again. It beeps, but does not enter the text expansion.
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