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  1. 4k aborted. I'll figure out the bug. Thanks for everything !!
  2. Hi I'm back, and I'm still kind of stuck. If I may share, I know I did kind of a lot with the following but I wanted to see about this particular clip that kept rendering blank on my end. You made it work perfect with your downloadable 1080.avi, and I'm still trying to figure it out. To be more specific, it's Clip** at 1:44 (with the "fly" and added effects --> EXPOSURE, CIRCULAR BLUR, ZOOM) still blanks on me after export. I know you've already established that 4k mp4's will give problems, but I was curious to see how my VP would import since you showed me how to clear my bins and cache so here it is operating v8.77; all cache and bins cleared: First, I tried to export a 4k, at 29.97 fps .mp4 and the initial freeze at clip*** surprisingly didn't freeze 100% for the whole clip anymore. The video effects started to run better, however, I still got a short 2-second freeze blip at 1:39.... so the effects improved but were still choppy . Clip** is still blank at 1:44 . Clip* video effect with the title effect "Lake Greg Gory" now works with the SHAKE but the video clip beneath it still freezes at 2:23 behind the title effect. We know that's done gone. Next I tried to export at 1080p at 29.97 fps .mp4 and different story: Clip *** with video effects and layered pngs worked smoothly, no delay, no freeze, no problem. Clip ** is still blank at 1:44. Clip * is also perfect, runs smooth as it fades into title effect and ending with SHAKE. 2 out of 3 resolved right there. Same same when I tried 2k at 29.97 fps .mp4 sharing same results as above--> Clip*** is perf, clip ** still blanks black and clip * ends smooth. Next I tried the export at 4k at 15 fps.AVI (fps by mistake) and 2k at 29.97fps .AVI and this time it regressed. Clip *** froze, stuttered, and delayed effects. Clip ** still blank and black, and Clip * seemed delayed with its fade-in text title effect. Both 4k@15fps.avi and 2k@29.97fps.avi gave equal results of freeze and delays. Now with an imported 4k at 29.97 fps.AVI, clip*** video effects didn't render at all. It continued reeling but pngs flashed its presence only for a quick second before transition to next clip. Clip ** still blank and black, and clip* delayed its text title effect again at the end. So far it's been concluded to this==> *1080p at 29.97 fps .mp4, and *2k at 29.97 fps .mp4 and *1080 at 29.97fps .AVI have been the winners so far except for that "FLY" clip** that goes blank. Your 1080.avi works and shows that clip perfectly, whereas mine still blanks..... so there's my current pickle. You mentioned breaking the project into segments and exporting each of them together at the end so I'll have to try that next. I thought maybe I could replicate what you did with the sample you posted. Any insight as to why the "Fly" clip** stays blank despite my varying of resolutions? Also, yes please. Would love to check out your upscale 4k version!
  3. Yes! I did spend time;) And what you've offered already is super helpful and much appreciated. The downloadable file is exactly how I want the effects to play out. I sure did have a time with the tedious green on green from the "blood" pngs so I just altered the tone to appear slimy, I guess? Haha.. All else is perfect. Now operating with v8.77 and giving it another go! I'll share results soon!
  4. Thanks for the prompt response! I just finished uploading everything to the drive below https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1h9ZcHgIs8HeibEjpO5nmd6s3CW3bA8l3?usp=sharing Here are 3 areas that I experience this for quick reference according to the preview in my vpj: *** 0:01:38.279 to 0:01:41.181 (layered pngs. This one freezes after export. Also ends here after my recent "upgrade" to 8.63) ** 0:01:44.214 to 0:01:47.176 (with previous v8.74, this single clip with video effects would be blank after export) * 0:02:22.779 to 0:02:25.947 (with previous v8.74, this is the real ending where I try to green screen a title effect with other video effects. Something freezes here also after import) Thanks again! Just want to make sure I have the most recent up-to-date program before I surpass my 6-month mark since my date of purchase.
  5. Hi there. I know this has been addressed on multiple occasions in past threads, but I still can't seem to get it right. Just a little background of my use of VP: I purchased pro back in May with v.8.3 something. I had a past issue and found answers through these forums by updating to v 8.74. It fixed my past issue great, but here's my current issue now: What I was doing: At first, I was on VideoPad pro paid v 8.74, and my exported clip would always freeze where I have layers of png's and added video effects, but audio continues, and the visual frame would pick back up to the next clip (where no pngs overlapped) for the remaining of it until it hits another clip that blanks black. That black clip would have had these added effects to it ---> EXPOSURE, CIRCULAR BLUR, and ZOOM. Again, audio remains untouched and the clip ends and and works just fine. What I tried: I looked for answers on this forum, and came across a very recent and similar issue and downloaded the suggested version. Going back to the project now operating pro v 8.63, I previewed everything again before export. Again, it previews just how I want it with effects and all. However, exported file now freezes at the same clip and ends there. The whole file does not export fully after trying a few times. I also tried to export just the selected "problem" clips and same: they freeze or black out but audio remains. Not sure if I'm operating with the latest, but any feedback would be much appreciated.
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