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  1. No, that didn't work. I may have to try on my work laptop. What I don't understand though is why is it working fine with the older version and not the newer version? Surely you must know what changes have occurred to the software for it to work with an older version and not the newer version.
  2. Rubbish. Keeps building preview even though I loaded the clip one hour ago and keeps freezing still on export to avi.
  3. I believe I was using the latest version but don't want to update if the same problem will keep occurring for me.
  4. Just for the kicks, I downloaded and have used your older version and, BAM!!! It works a treat. Now I'd like to know what is wrong with the latest version which doesn't work on my computer while the earlier version does? Also, what do you mean by my licence not applying? Can I simply use the older version and export to AVI for as long as I like?
  5. Thanks for looking at the video borate and getting me your result. I deleted sequence 2 and changed the setting but still the same issue when I export it.
  6. I am having issues with split frames freezing when exporting videos. It doesn't matter how big or small I make the video file. The preview pane works fine but then the exported video keeps freezing on one video track when the other video track changes. This happens throughout the video. I did a video with only one track and had no problems. I have messaged borate with the issue and files and borate had no issues exporting my previous video. It was suggested that my computer might not be able to handle split screens. I am using Windows 10 64 bit and had 4GB of ram. It was suggested to upgrade this which I have to 8GB but still the same issue. Is anyone else having this issue and how did you fix it? it's very annoying.
  7. It is a desktop computer and not a laptop, just to let you know. There may be hardware issues. It worked great when I did just one video track on my first attempt. Hopefully it can handle two videos for me as my next project was going to be a split screen with me on both videos.
  8. Thanks very much for looking at my video. At least I know I did it properly (albeit about 12 times) There are no graphics updates on the Intel website for me. What I don't like hearing is that the above is required when your website states the following system requirements which I have: System Requirements Works on Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 Works on 64 bit Windows I'm a bit peeved that it is not working as advertised on the tin for me.
  9. Not sure about PC specs but: Processor: Intel core 2 duo cpu @3.00GHz Ram: 4.00 GB Windows 10 64-bit operating system
  10. Hi borate It doesn't matter if its in the lowest resolution or in the original format, it is still the same result. I did start the project in free mode and then, when it wouldn't export at all, I purchased a licence. Would that have anything to do with it? Do I need to start the project again (I was hoping not as it took a few hours to do)? I can do what you say later today or tonight.
  11. Hi, I tried your free version and liked it. I then did a second video and it told me I had to register to use the software for the video I wanted to do and did that. I read there were some issues with what I'm doing so installed the latest update (8.75) but this still hasn't fixed the issue. I'm trying to do a video that starts with one video, then the screen splits into 2 videos (side by side), then 3 videos (side by side) and then 4 videos (2x2) and then ends with a single picture. Every time I export the file either one side of the 2 videos is blank or otherwise it's frozen. The same with the 3 and 4 videos only one works, sometimes 2 work and one blank or sometimes all 3 or 4 work but some squares are frozen or blank. It works properly on the playback inside the software (so I must have pressed the right effects) but as soon as it's exported (in different formats) then the above happens. I have tried is 11 times today and it is beyond frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.
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