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  1. Upgraded to the beta version and the problem is solved. Thank you very much, I was going a bit insane after like 50 export attempts in various formats
  2. Yes, I am running v8.67, forgot to mention that. I will try with the beta version, thank you!
  3. As the title says, I am unable to export video in ANY format. My project contains a single source, which is a 1080p@60fps video made with a Gopro Hero7 All I did was marked the beginning and end of a 20 second clip which I want to cut out from it and added it to the timeline. The video plays fine in the preview, however when exporting regardless of the format or settings the export process instantly completes without any errors, however the result is always a couple of kilobytes worth of file, which contains the first second of audio and no video at all. It is a brand new i
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