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  1. Thanks for the info and suggestions. I have to agree that being able to change the preview resolution - a simple provision found in other editing software - would have saved valuable time.
  2. Buffering and rendering standard MTS and mp4 videos in the preview window causes the same problems: Videopad usually struggles. This of course results in wasted hours and frustration which no paying customer deserves. Apparently the 64 Bit version is a long way off.
  3. In a so-called Master Edition or Professional package, among other things it's disappointing to see that the preview resolution is fixed - it cannot be dropped to speed up previews. That is neither helpful nor conducive to time constraints and workflows. The fact is we just don't have the time to keep messing around changing formats and chasing workarounds. Therefore it makes sense to change the preview resolution, both to speed up editing and to avoid unacceptable delays and lost time. As video editors we cannot hope to complete videos to deadlines with VP until it's fit for use. Here, we thi
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