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  1. Great visual explanation Nationalsolo. 🖕 I have just one question. How do you embed jpegs into the comments like you just did above? I tried using the link button, but it only displays the address of the link and not the image itself. I'm assuming your using some code. I even tried the img src code, but I can't get it to work. Idk....😕
  2. Sorry guys, Borate & Nationalsolo, I opened my project today and I tried to recreate the problem of the text adjusting itself after closing the program, but now I can't recreate it today. Seems to be working fine. By the way, I am also using 8.63. Also, I figured out what the problem was with the contrast and what I thought was VP adjusting the contrast when I imported a video. Turns out that VP wasn't adjusting it. What I found out was that when ever I first record a video using OB Studio and then when I view it with Windows Media Player, it is actually WMP that's adding the extra cont
  3. pmcleanj & everyone else, I just tried and followed your exact instructions and I had no problem with replacing a MP3 with the original video audio (Audio A from Video A). What you are saying could not possibly be true because then that would make it impossible for people to add music to their videos which is a common feature in all video apps. I even tried every combination, deleting original clip first (Audio A from Video A), adding MP3 first, etc. I even added my MP3 on top of Audio A from Video A (replaced) and it worked fine. The only thing that I could not do was to delete the whole
  4. Thanks Borate. I am not at home at the moment, so I will send you the link to the Backup Folder later. And I was just wondering if you had any ideas on what the probable cause is? As I wrote before, I do my editing and export my video and everything looks fine. Then I save & close the VP program and when I reopen the program, the text is just slightly off. I can tell the difference because I positioned the text right next to a jpg side-by-side. Then exported and the video looks fine. But when you close and reopen the project, the text is close to the jpg, but not exactly and slight
  5. Hi guys, maybe someone can help me. 😐 I have been trying to figure out this problem. If I create a simple text with a background color (Block) and then if I position it at a certain place and save the project, after I close Videopad and then restart the Videopad project, the text position has slightly moved a few notches either up or down randomly. If I click on the position effect to see if the numeric numbers of the position are the same, e.g., horizontal & vertical, they are correct, but the position is not at the same place on the screen that it was prior to closing the program. It
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