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  1. I found the issue; i placed a bookmark at the very beginning of the mp3 track to mark the start of track one and apparently WavePad doesn't like that even though that marks the start of the tracks. Once I removed that then I could split the track and just had to rename the one split file
  2. Gents, So no matter what I do, I cannot get the split files to save. I have a single file (roughly 1hr 58mins) that I am splitting at roughly 38 various points. I have them all saved as bookmarks, named differently, and did a Save File. i then closed the file and app...and relaunched and opened the file. The bookmarks showcase perfectly fine. i go to Split files at bookmarks, it does its silence calculation, then asks me where to save, name, format, etc. When I hit save, it INSTANTLY says it cant but tells me nothing as to what, where, etc. Any idea on how I can figure out why
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