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  1. A number of questions: 1. On exporting video amd playing it in VLC, I find that the image is reduced in size (black frame around). This seems to have to do with the many options on the export menu. Which ones affect the display on VLC? Same happens in Sequence view in VP when video is brought into a project. 2. Does it matter if the parameters on several exports were different and they are later combined in to a project and then exported as one video? 3. Is You tube fussy about the file type, aspect ratio etc? 4. I find that VP is eating CPU and task manager frequently show
  2. Many thanks Borate - having battled with this for the last 24 hours, it seems that You Tube have changed their inface from "Create---" to "Studio----". I've yet to see a guidance video reflecting the new inteface but will continue to search. I've learned quite a lot in that time. I know about adding hypalinks to documents in general but it appears, so far as I can ascertain, that a complete beginner isn't allowed to add any links. One has to have had a substantial number of views already to be allowed to do that (be a "Partner". If I'm wrong, I'm sure you will let me know.
  3. Hi Borate - this is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X6RXgAG2gZOoQAv-NLyYrKNgTRPXzLmw/view?usp=sharing - definitely shareable for anyone. In future do you prefer the project file or the final video when asking questions? Thanks for the You Tube link - I have viewed the one you posted one BUT it seems You Tube are constantly changing the layout as the various guidance videos show older layouts - none use the current layout. Their forum, unlike this one, shows almost every query locked for further comment. It was of little help.
  4. Manty thanks Borate. Yes I have known that for a while now - BUT - when I managed to wipe 12 of the 100 or so images, I was unaware of what I had done for some time and only an audit against the original material brought it to light so I decided to start afresh and use Project Save As repeatedly every few minutes! What I have learned with your help made the process far quicker. The audit takes time so that's why it wasn't done earlier. Do I understand correctly, that by posting a link to the project rather than the expoted video, anyone with VP can view the show. That would save a lot of time.
  5. Hi Nat - At last the Orbs video is finished (I hope) but I am adding some bits front and back later for You Tube. My previous efforts lead to losing about 12 slides so I started again. Your many hints and commnets have helped enormously. I do thank you for all of it. If you'd like to watch the full show at your leasure, it's here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ore0cUs4IsZdn8B0GGgh_c5aYRTGwOOZ/view?usp=sharing Although outside the scope of this forum, I believe, I have struggled in vain to find how a beginner can insert a hyperlink into a You tube video. It seems you have to be a "
  6. Hi Nat - very strange - VP appears to have helped of its own accord. When I opened the latest project I found that VP had picked up the text clips ready to use from an earlier project I had opened. Maybe that answers my question --- or was it just luck?
  7. Hi Nat - thanks for all your comments - as I said I started afresh loading the original video of the original Power Point show as I had lost some of the content in my meanderings. Spliting it up ready for transitions was pretty easier and quick. I then did the page turn transitions and checked everything was there (except for the text overlays). I split the video/audio and striped out the old audio(silence). Then added the three clips of music. This time I repeatedly SAVED AS the project. I am going to export it as a video to see if all is in fact OK. Now the problem I have to ask about: the
  8. Thanks Borate - yes I have learned these but was not Saving As often enough as I didn't spot the problems arising from each action until too late. I wasn't aware of LOCK TRACK and will be sure to use it often. Thanks.
  9. Hi Nat- been battling with editing and blood pressure rapidly rising!!!! Hard to pin down exact problem but here's a specific - in fact had to start again as several of the original images had been moved about or swallowed whole by VP as I struggled - now nearly there but when I change speed of audio to make it fit the video length, gaps open in video and vice versa. Hundreds of gaps to be removed one at a time- all would be well if ALL gaps in a track could be removed with a single action - is there one? Or new Q - how do you quickly stretch or shrink audio to exactly match length of oven rea
  10. I'm puzzled - you were able to play my previous files - have I misunderstood something? Anyway I'll try the settings you've just used on my latest file and see where it takes me - I may have to accept the very fine RHS line since all the rest seems perfect.
  11. Hi Nat - before looking closely at what you said, you say that you can't play my latest upload. Could that be because I mixed crops with zooms? Maybe I should go back to an earlier version before I applied either? Are the cops and zooms incompatible? Pls explain. Also you have changed the export parameters to mp4 and to Vatiable frame rate - is this significant?
  12. Nat, many thanks for all this! I am pleased that you found the content interesting! There's a lot beyond what we see everyday as the finished project will eventually show. Before you replied today I had worked on it but used crop instead of zoom with some success. Having now carefully read your suggestings, I've used Zoom with the exact parameters you suggest. The results look promising on the sequence preview and I am now exporting video. Then I must upload to Google Drive and that will take about an hour. Whilst that is happening, I shall play it back on VLC (lost third of audio won't matter
  13. Many thanks Nat! That was the first and main part of the project. We plan to do a discussion between my wife and I as to how these extraordinary images can about. It is strange - I am running VCL Vetinari 3.0.11 so VLC 3.0.8 must be older?? I wonder if to reinstall the earlier one. What do you think as I like VLC and have used it for many years. Periodically I'm offered a later version in a separate window and I accept but the new download never happens. " would suggest this could easily be removed with a tiny zoom" - please elaborate how and I'll do that - I want the final result to be
  14. As it's not urgent but merely a matter of interest, maybe put it on back burner and let me know when you are able to get it investigated (?)
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