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  1. buyer beware -- videopad sucks. programmers ask if you want to upgrade on start up which means more $$. waited 1 week without reply to my problem above, now after installing latest videopad version i paid for i am constantly shut down by a program bug they are "sorry for". find another video processing program you'll be happier and less frustrated - marty
  2. i read about this problem going back a few years, it's time the crew stops thinking about selling and fix what their customers paid for Win 10, videopad 7.05 playback of screen capture, that auto creates mp4 file, plays perfectly in sync with settings of: baseline - 1920x1080 output scaled resolution - 1280x720 fps - 30 constant 30 min or 1.5 hr recording if a screen capture for @ 1 hr (+) is recorded and put into videopad to render into 2 parts each clip plays perfectly in videopad sequence preview but audio/video is way out of sync after export to mp4 file with settings of: preset - custom resolution - 1280x720 -720p constant 30fps est file size - 941mb when problem export is put back into videopad sequence preview plays it in sync please help, marty
  3. Thank you for quick reply. I uninstalled and re-installed 8.0 which registered successfully. Problem solved, all is good, narration preview is working. Thanks again.
  4. Version 7.05 Pro, multiple clips on 1 video track with 1 sound track Unable to view video preview in "record sound over video" window (also no options on right side) so there are no references to que narration. Voice over does work, video time line does progress just unable to see video - tried following NCH instructive videos, deleting and re-opening files, linked & unlinked audio/video tracks, videopad repair, uninstall & install videopad without success. I have been able to create videos without this problem in the past. Any help greatly appreciated, Marty
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