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  1. That is a quote from one of these wav files. I have also saved one as a txt file, you can check it out here: h**p://www.zshare.net/download/fight_boss_loren_darith-txt.html
  2. Um, i'm not really sure what you mean, about that Switch thingy The only thing i haven't thaught of is opening the wav files in Notepad, lol one of the most obvious things to check I have tried to rename the DCS files, didn't help :/ Also, thank you for trying to help
  3. So i have this game called Evil Twin for the Dreamcast. I have a CRI-ADX plug-in for my f2k so it can play/convert Dreamcast ADX files. But the problem is that the audio here obviously is not ADX.. Here's a screen: http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2673/namnlsru4.png As you can see in the screen above the there *.DCS files *.WAV files. I'm guessing the .wav files are like cue files for the .dcs files since they're only 1kb in size. Hope it helps you to help me Any help appreciated
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