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  1. hello @borate I think i may have found the solution Everytime i added the colour curves effect i straight away went to modify it. But i think it overloads my computer so it crashes. The solution is to wait like a couple seconds till the task manager has camled down, and then you can change it. Thanks for so much help
  2. User9376

    Slow Motion

    @borate I downloaded the sourceforge avisynth but how am i meant to use it? It says its a dll not a vdf the plugins.
  3. User9376

    Slow Motion

    Hi @Nationalsolo and @borate, sorry to @ you but is there a plugin which adds frames to clips? Because I found this : https://www.compression.ru/video/frame_rate_conversion/index_en_msu.html But im not sure if it is legit or a virus. If it is legit, can i add it to slowmoed clips to make the fps stay the same even when slowed down? Thanks
  4. @borateI tried both options, but it didn't seem to work. Is there any other things i could do? Im getting more storage soon so I can see if storage effects the way colour curves work. Thanks
  5. Ive sent feedback. Please read this post that i sent earlier. could it be because of this??
  6. I have just tested out the newest version but the shake is the same as the one that you sent preivously and the tint effect is very strong compared to V8.63. Thanks
  7. Also @borate i have just realised, the reason why my colour curves may be crashing is because i dont have enough storage?? Because on a brand new project, i used colour curves and it worked for that time. But when i went on a project which i have been working on, it crashed when i was trying to use colour curves. My storage may be the problem!
  8. Thank you for your help i will certainly test this version out soon.
  9. Hi @borate,i tested the version above, but however the colour curves still crashed although i could at least be able to add the effect and modify it for a couple seconds before it crashed. Also I have loaded a project which i used V8.63 to edit it. The effects are slightly different especially the shake one in the verion above. In V8.63, the shake effect is quite smooth which is how i expected it to be but in the version above, the shake is quite violent. If you have a version where the shake(smooth like V8.63) and colour curves work in, please reply. Thanks
  10. User9376

    Slow Motion

    so there isn't a way to keep the fps the same even throughout slow mos?
  11. User9376

    Slow Motion

    Because i edit gaming videos, so when i do slow mo's it reduces the fps. I normally use around 10%-20% slow mo so yeah. It reduces the fps by quite a bit even though i set the export to 144. Because i think that in premiere pro you can slow mo without an fps reduce.
  12. User9376

    Slow Motion

    Hi, when using videopad(V8.63), the slow motion reduces the fps of the video. Is there a way to change that? Thanks.
  13. Wow thank you so much for your help! I'll try this out later.
  14. Hello, is there any way (V6.38) to desaturate any colours other than reds in a video?? Also, is there anyway to do a chromatic abberation effect. They have this effect in other editing softwares and i wanted to know if you could make a similar effect in videopad. If you don't know what a chromatic abberation is, search it up. Thanks for your help.
  15. GTX 1050, I5 intel core, 8GB ram, and 11.2 GB of storage/C.
  16. @boratewhen i go onto the nvadia download link, it doesn't show the graphic card that i have. -0-0- Wait actually I found it ok thanks -0-0- @boratefor some reason colour curves still doesn't work without crashing the software.
  17. The reason why i dont use latest versions of videopad, is because some features act differently. Currently I am working on a project in 8.63. I tried the latest videopad for that same project but the effects acted differently like the shake and grid lines. So i just use 8.63 now. By the way if i get a video driver which one shall i get, because i am running on a nvidia graphic card but my cpu is an intel core. Thanks for your quick response though.
  18. When i am using colour curves effect (videopad version 8.63) it crashes. Please help asap thanks.
  19. @borateI have already V8.63 and shake does work properly.
  20. Even if I put Shake with the default settings, it only works for like the first couple seconds, then stops. ON V8.67
  21. No i just use the normal shake effect not the old film one. I use Version 8.67 So when I applied the shake effect it would work for like the first couple seconds, but if I start the video from a time apart from the shake (like a minute before the shake effect), the shake effect wouldn't work. And 'the extra features one' is the professional version i think, or the version which allows you to use greenscreen. Also I tried out the 'Test this release' version of video pad and it seems to work (the shake) so far.
  22. Hey, I need help, uh last time before i had the professional version of Videopad, the Shake effect worked perfectly fine. But then when I started using the extra features one, the shake effect wouldn't shake with other effects e.g. Negative. Then a couple days later, the shake effect wouldn't work AT ALL for me. I rlly don't get it lol. Pls help
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