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  1. @borateI have already V8.63 and shake does work properly.
  2. Even if I put Shake with the default settings, it only works for like the first couple seconds, then stops. ON V8.67
  3. No i just use the normal shake effect not the old film one. I use Version 8.67 So when I applied the shake effect it would work for like the first couple seconds, but if I start the video from a time apart from the shake (like a minute before the shake effect), the shake effect wouldn't work. And 'the extra features one' is the professional version i think, or the version which allows you to use greenscreen. Also I tried out the 'Test this release' version of video pad and it seems to work (the shake) so far.
  4. Hey, I need help, uh last time before i had the professional version of Videopad, the Shake effect worked perfectly fine. But then when I started using the extra features one, the shake effect wouldn't shake with other effects e.g. Negative. Then a couple days later, the shake effect wouldn't work AT ALL for me. I rlly don't get it lol. Pls help
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