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  1. Okay, I have the solution. It is to export my videos from the 5.11 as avi, not MP4 Thanks for your help
  2. I cleared the cache. Same problem. I reinstalled the program. Same problem. I downloaded the new free version. It does not allow rendering of videos as one of its free features so I cannot test it. I don't want to buy a new version on the off chance that this issue has been addressed. Please advise.
  3. I have Videopad 5.11 and used it for a long time with no issue. I make videos every couple of days and found it great. About two months ago I started to have an issue when rendering videos. The MP4 would have 'flashy' bits between the different scenes I had placed together. Some pieces of the second scene would merge into the first scene a few seconds before the rest. It was an intermittent fault. I started making my videos in separate 5-6 minute pieces and putting them together in one final video and that seemed to eliminate the problem. However the rendering process soon threw up a new issue. It occasionally outputted videos where the lip sync was slightly off. I bought a new, higher spec computer and both problems disappeared and I made videos with no issue for about two months. Now the original 'flashing joins' issue is back again, even when I make short 5-6 minute videos. It is intermittent. I currently have three pieces of the one video that I want to join together and one piece has the 'flashy' problem but the others are clean. The problem seems to disappear when I render my video at a lower resolution but this is not something I want to do. I normally render my videos at '1920 x 1080 - YouTube 1080p' using 'auto detect' Can someone help? I would prefer not to have to change video editor. Thanks
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