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  1. Using MixPad 5.99 here since ~3 months now. I also have this issue... Since the very beginning I purchased it and use it.. I have a bunch of home musician clips to mix and synchronize. Several times I have to cut et move some portion of their clips to sync all musicians together. So everytime I cut (split) a clip, I got a pop at the end of the first segment or start of the next segment. I even tried to fade the volume to nothing at the end of the clip or fading in from nothing at the start of the next segment with no luck.. still hearing that "pop/click" noise. For the price of that product I would expect better than this... tshi tool is literally adding an unexpected random "pop" noise when you cut a clip. how come it is adding that noise that doesn't even exist on the original clip ?? When I export my whole mix into a wav file, I can hear all the places where I did a cut to move a "segment" because of these so -created by this software- "pop" sound. Is there an effect or "cleaning" routine I should apply to remove these noises ?
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