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  1. I'm very grateful for your reply. I can work with that. One small issue. I am recording a VHS tape thru a Roxio capture stick to my desktop. I'm used to another program where I set the amount of recording time, start recording and then press Play on the vcr. Using Scheduling, I have to set a clock time for the beginning and the end. I set the beginning clock time at 2 minutes after the computer clock and the end time at whatever total time I want. Then I have to wait for the clock time to start the recording and then I can press play. Not a big deal but a bit cumbersome. If there is a more convenient way let me know. But at least now I can walk away knowing the recording will stop if I'm not there. Thanks again!
  2. Embarrassed to admit I can't find where to set the recording time. I used the trialversion and now I have purchased the pro version. Thanks.
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