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  1. Hi borate, community, I've fixed all the audio gain mismatches, and tried to export again. I'd like to report that after quite a few long attempts (~20 or so) with actual export hiccups that were unrelated to version mismatch (missing frames / glitches / full blown VideoPad crashes) - I've managed to export via VideoPad 7.53 a full 1080p@30FPS AVI/H.264 (audio in MP3) rendering of the entire clip as a single sequence, with both video and audio, and (almost) all effects intact. Other than the gain corrections, I had to make one more tiny change: For some reason rendering the text prov
  2. Thank you very much. I've installed version 7.53 as you suggested. Unfortunately, in this version, the export is limited to AVI, other formats give me a message that this feature is only available in the pro version. Still, I've exported an AVI + MPEG4 in 720p. It *kinda* worked, only a couple of minor hiccups here in there in the exported file. If I get nothing better, I might use that export, so already thank you for your help. First export in 1080p crashed (bug report sent, as requested by VideoPad), I'm now attempting a second 1080p export. Fingers crossed. I will also try v
  3. Hi borate, Thanks a lot for your quick reply, and a whole lot of thanks for all suggestions and for your exports! I should have mentioned - I've had this export issue since there were only three or four tracks in the project with almost no effects, so I don't believe this is about maxing out system resources . This is easy to test, and I can help with that: I've now removed all the tracks, and left only three tracks - one video and two audio. I've removed all effects and transitions. I've uploaded this trimmed down project to here, together with three exports: Lossless - video
  4. Dear Forum, I'm using the latest free (unregistered) version of VideoPad 8.67. My problem does not seem uncommon: I'm making a video clip of short videos over a soundtrack, and export is either blank or garbled. Also non-deterministic (e.g. add a few effects and the exported scene starts appearing / stops appearing / stutters). Have been searching and reading dozens of similar forum posts about video exporting going wrong. So here are all the things I've read and tried - none helped: Export in a plethora of containers (MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, MKV, OGV, WMV) and codecs (H.264,
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