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  1. Hi i have a few ?s just dl the free versions and the demo version. Sorry for so many ?s very new to this. #1 what is the difference from the Free, the Express Accounts Plus and the Express Accounts Basic? How can i set it up to show CC fees so when i say take in $200 and need to deduct the CC fee we get charged. So can it track the fees we pay out for CCs. How would i enter that in We use both Paypal and Square for taking payments how do i set them up in the program? Square gets deposited into our bank account but we do have to pay CC fees. With paypal if i have a amount of money showing in the program that is in Paypal and i then move money from Paypal to my bank account we do every month or so how would i deal with that in the program to show both new balances the new Paypal lower amount and the new Bank account higher amount.? We only have around 10 to 12 service products we sell but we take a Deposit down for booking and then we take in payments as they pay it off over time before the jobs this is for weddings. When i enter a new customer in will it track all the payments they make to show me what they still own or paid off? And the CC fees we had to pay so it shows the real amount we make after the fees.? Many of our Jobs we have to pay for a permit for the location use. Can i have the program track this as well with each job the permit is $150 when needed so the customer pays that to us when ordering but we then pay it back out to the state park we work at. Thanks
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