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  1. This software COULD be great and be a "must have" recommendation to my clients EXCEPT for two things: (1) It doesn't have basic General Ledger reporting (which should take the developer minimal time to implement considering that the required report can be produced for a SINGLE G/L account; therefore programming that functionality with a "loop" to iterate through a range of accounts should be a trivial exercise) and (2) Despite this matter being first raised by numerous people over half a decade ago, the developer hasn't even acknowledged these posts. This means that she/he either never reads these Forum posts, or worse still, treats his/her customers with absolute contempt.
  2. This topic was raised nearly five years ago and each time the response by NCH has been to advise the customer/potential customer to raise a support ticket. To be able to produce a General Ledger Report that contains the transactions for ALL accounts is basic functionality available in nearly every other competitor's accounting software. As NCH Express Accounts has always had a General Ledger Report available for a SINGLE account, how difficult can it be to produce this same report for ALL accounts? All that would be required is to select the "from" account and the "to" account and then just iterate through the "single account report" process. The fact that NCH development/support has ignored this matter for over three years doesn't speak too highly of a customer focused approach. I am a Consultant CPA and would have recommended NCH Express Accounts to literally hundreds of clients EXCEPT for the fact that this basic functionality still does not exist.
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