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  1. My apology, I did not word this correctly. Under the "stock audio" button, is there a way to import audio to this location so anything I purchase is in one place? I realize I can preview on my computer but I am trying to streamline as much as possible.
  2. While I appreciate the music and sound files included in videopad, is it possible to have other audio files outside of videopad show in this tab? If so, is it possible to preview the audio track or sound in the software?
  3. I think it would be nice to have a thread that explains key updates. I've read version updates but would like a little more of what this means. For some things, I just kinda stumble into them, it would be nice to have a clear source when something such as new templates are added.
  4. Does anyone know if you can import templates that are outside NCH. I realize I can import files but does importing a template require a specific file extension?
  5. I just wanted to drop a note that the latest update has new Intros and Templates. I think they are nice and hope more will be added in the future. Thanks to NCH and all the work you do with Videopad!
  6. I love videopad. It does a great job. The sfx and music are a nice addition but I hope you will expand the library overtime. It adds great value to the software, imo. Thanks.
  7. I have not tried scale. Let me try it. If it does not work, I will upload the project file. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, I do understand that tool. The issue in my video I have several stills with border (letterboxed aspect,) next I add a video. I would like the video to have a border (which I can give it) but for the border and video to fill the frame exactly as the pictures do. So it is a seamless transition. I've tried different aspect ratios, letterboxing the video, but it remains off a bit from the pictures.
  9. I'm working on a project that involves picture of different scales and videos. The letterbox aspect ratio works with the pictures and looks great. When I add the video and border effect it is off, so I add the letterbox aspect ratio. It makes it a little larger than the pictures. I have tried different ratios and they remain off from the pictures. I would prefer to not crop the video and then try to letterbox the aspect ratio, if that can be done. Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks.
  10. I received an email that version 8.70 of Videopad was available. When I download, it does not download version 8.70, rather it downloads the version I already have 8.67. I checked another location and 8.70 is not listed as a version.
  11. i just upgraded to the latest version from an earlier version of videopad. It's great but the track lock option is missing? Am I missing something? Is locking handled differently?
  12. Hi everyone, Is there a way to freeze a frame at the end of a video and have an active link for people to click on? Thanks.
  13. I have version 7.x is there a list of what has changed/added/improved with version 8.x It seems impossible to find this information.
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