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  1. Does anyone know if you can import templates that are outside NCH. I realize I can import files but does importing a template require a specific file extension?
  2. I just wanted to drop a note that the latest update has new Intros and Templates. I think they are nice and hope more will be added in the future. Thanks to NCH and all the work you do with Videopad!
  3. I love videopad. It does a great job. The sfx and music are a nice addition but I hope you will expand the library overtime. It adds great value to the software, imo. Thanks.
  4. I have not tried scale. Let me try it. If it does not work, I will upload the project file. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, I do understand that tool. The issue in my video I have several stills with border (letterboxed aspect,) next I add a video. I would like the video to have a border (which I can give it) but for the border and video to fill the frame exactly as the pictures do. So it is a seamless transition. I've tried different aspect ratios, letterboxing the video, but it remains off a bit from the pictures.
  6. I'm working on a project that involves picture of different scales and videos. The letterbox aspect ratio works with the pictures and looks great. When I add the video and border effect it is off, so I add the letterbox aspect ratio. It makes it a little larger than the pictures. I have tried different ratios and they remain off from the pictures. I would prefer to not crop the video and then try to letterbox the aspect ratio, if that can be done. Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks.
  7. I received an email that version 8.70 of Videopad was available. When I download, it does not download version 8.70, rather it downloads the version I already have 8.67. I checked another location and 8.70 is not listed as a version.
  8. i just upgraded to the latest version from an earlier version of videopad. It's great but the track lock option is missing? Am I missing something? Is locking handled differently?
  9. Hi everyone, Is there a way to freeze a frame at the end of a video and have an active link for people to click on? Thanks.
  10. I have version 7.x is there a list of what has changed/added/improved with version 8.x It seems impossible to find this information.
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