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  1. BINGO! Thank you so much for your vigilence and patience, at last I understand what I was doing wrong. I'm so relieved to have that resolved and I can get down to the real work. I don't know of any other product where I would have had as good support as I got from you guys .I'm so pleased to have bought VideoPad but I'll try not to bother you again in the near future though it is great to know I can rely on help. All the best. Ron
  2. Looked at Android free version but the display format seemed so different that I didn't follow up that one. The paid version looked more like it but I wouldn't use that seriously so decided not to invest in it. Tried the beta version and , surprise, no different. Just tried a fresh installation of 8.47 on a Windows deskktop PC, and loaded just the one image. Up to now have been on a Scan laptop. Sadly no change! Couldn't see how the OS would make a difference in any case.
  3. I'll have a go with android in the morning, fingers crossed that will show something. Let you know of course. Maybe try 8.72, if you can tell me how to find it, though I will be surprised if it makes any difference.
  4. Hi, Sadly no change. I first uninstalled the previous version, 8.45 and then installed the latest, 8.67 Restarted PC, Windows 10, with latest updates Started VideoPad and loaded same project, display was just as before I had previously been using dual screens but switched to just the main one for all the above Perplexing! I'm wondering if I should run a free version of VP with the same source data on my Android tablet to see what happens then Ron
  5. I have done so and clicked RESORE DEFAULT LAYOUT but still no buttons! I've checked I am in Clip Preview with the same image as before.
  6. Thanks for the how to link. Here is link to the screenshot of what I see: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvWPoTF6CyJ1kQrl3xgiiMk-aAfo
  7. Hi Nat, Thanks for your suggestions. I think I've followed them correctly and the screen looked to me like the one borate included in his reply but still no buttons. I tried to add a screenshot of what I'm seeing to my reply, in hopes that would help but couldn't see how to do it. Perhaps you could clue me up on that. Ron
  8. Hi. I'm using version 8.45 and trying to trim a track in Clip Preview. The instructions in the manual show buttons for Start and End on the Control bar but they don't appear on my program. I also looked at the Video help for this and that shows "square brackets" which can be dragged from current start and finish to mark the clipping points but they don't appear either. Am I doing something wrong?
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