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  1. Well, that's a start, but how do I convince You Tube of that fact? Their scan shows a copyright on it. I purchased the Professional edition.
  2. Get in touch with which company? You Tube? Thank you for the link. I couldn't find a way to submit a support ticket.
  3. I am a new user of VideoPad. I purchased the software to make videos for my You Tube channel. I assumed that I had the right to use the music clips from the provided library. Every time I upload a video to You Tube, I get a message that the video contains copyrighted material. Here is the copyrighted material notice: AdRev for a 3rd Party On behalf of: Rebekah M. Music, ASCAP (ACM Records) Since I paid for the software with the understanding that the provided music and other add-ons for videos are royalty-free, how can this be corrected? I cannot monetize my videos if this persists, and I would like to use the music provided. Thank you for any help.
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