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  1. Hi Kim 1318, Thanks for your tip and sorry for my late reply. Anyway, unfortunately the tip didn't help. Reason: the mix is a mix already. I don't want Mixpad to re-arrange or mix something. My mix is normally one large clip. Whe I used Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, I could set "trackmarks". These trackmarks did indicate the separation between two songs. So I could export the single clips (not the one large clip). That way I had a playlist in which I could jump e.g. after track 1 to track 5. Also, I could burn everything on a CD and I had a CD with 20 tracks on it. That's what I finally
  2. On my DJ Controller I recorded a mix containing 24 songs. I loaded the mix to MixPad for final mixdown. Now I want to export the mix as 24 single audio files so that listeners may jump to a certain track in their playback app. MixPad just doesn't allow me to do so by setting trackmarks or similar (I tried it). MixPad would always export just one single file. Is there any way to mark the beginning of each song, that would allow an export into 24 single files? I'm grateful for any hint... Kind regards Frank
  3. Ich habe auf meinem DJ Controller einen Mix aus 24 Songs erstellt. Den Mix habe ich in MixPad geladen und nur final etwas abgemischt. Nun möchte ich den Mix exportieren, allerdings als einzelne Audiodateien. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit in MixPad, entsprechende Trackmarks zu setzen, sodass der Export dann in 24 einzelne Dateien erfolgt? Ich habe das früher in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 respektive Cakewalk Sonar gemacht, in MixPad finde ich eine solche Funktion nicht. Für jedweden Kommentar oder Hinweis bin ich dankbar. Beste Grüße Frank
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